All the Lost Souls: Damnation                       

Previously known as "Fire and Water"

a novel by Cheyenne Kai

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Introduction: All The Lost Souls: Damnation  is a fantasy fiction I began in 2000. It is based on a war between two races, and is also intertwined with a love story. Lily-Anna and Aka are from different sides. Aka also happens to be the king of one of these sides. When Lily-Anna found this out, they had to separate. But she had a child, Kaelem, who becomes torn between which race he should fight for, and what is right.

 Thank you to all those who have read and reviewed.

What people have said:

"It just gets better and better as you read it" - Allan

"I'm in the process of reading your book, love it so far - keep up the good work, you're a great writer" - Josh

"This is some seriously good stuff. Its really long, which is really good. You should honestly publish this stuff. This is what I call substance" - Tripple Dotters

"I loved the imagery you used to describe Aka's house. Very rich." - Xecenda

"Wow, this story really grabs my attention" - savemefromtheworld

"Scariness." - PAnZuRiEL

"This was very good, loved it." - Infection

"I could easily tell by your style and plot that you most definatly have the writer's gift" - Starsword17

"This story is brilliant. I hope you get it published! It's excellant! It has so much originality! I'm so full of 'wow' I can't criticise such a masterpiece!" - Jesskah

"I found it original, which, in my opinion, is vitally important and unfortunately rare in the fantasy genre" - Demented Oracle

"full of awesomeness. I like the descriptive element, and it kept my attention. Exceptional" - Anathema6205

think it's perfect, and that is exactly how people would react. It's the emotions that make the characters real. you've done a good job. The story is getting more and more interesting..." Syaiz